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Vapor Natura

VAPOR NATURA®, a range of terracotta products to cook or preserve beverage.

With VAPOR NATURA® you can cook all kind of vegetables without adding water, but just using the steam generated from the vegetable itself, while maintaining all the characteristics of quality, flavor and protein levels of a vegetarian diet.
Who remember the taste of potatoes cooked under the ashes ?? This is the result guaranteed by VAPOR NATURA®. Dietetics and natural, a cooking with zero environmental impact.

Last born of this line is the terracotta WINE COOLER.
Elegant and functional, it keep the ideal serving temperature of wine for the entire duration of the meal without using ice, while adding style to your table.
The shape is ideally suited to make a bottle cellars at home.
The product can be conserved directly in the freezer and it is used without adding water.

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