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Garden Service

Over the years Garden Service Srl was able to achieve a competitive position at national level and it is now renowned as a point of reference in the Terracotta industry.

The company was born in 1992, showing immediately its ability to combine quality, tradition and keeping up with the times in order to provide the best solution in terms of products and services in the “green” sector.

Two years later was founded Anticomestiere. The brand embodies all the branches of a dynamic company in a continuous evolution.

Now the company has become a leader in the production of Terracotta, which is developing from a local level to an international one, to export world wide the finest values of Italian production. In 2006 the acquisition of Magiva Srl brought the Garden Service Company international recognition. Under the guidance of highly qualified staff it become the biggest earthenware factory of East Europe.

A brilliant evolution that continues into 2009 with the acquisition of Terracotte di Trequanda, which express the best Tuscan quality and tradition, as like as Terracotte Artigiane Fiorentine, the historic company of Montelupo Fiorentino created by Marco Morelli, one of the most significant entrepreneurs in the terracotta industry.

Training and professionalism characterize our team, which aim to ensure a special customer care during the purchase and for the maintenance of the final product. An attentive and qualified staff will follow and help you from the warehouse to the show-room, where you can find both new items and the full range of our products.

Research and innovation are at the root of the company, which has always been focused on needs and change of the market and its customers.

“Once, while talking with one of the Master Potter, I pointed out that the market was asking for a lighter product. He looked at me a little bit puzzled and he told me that the weight of Terracotta is a synonym for quality and any trends could change this kind of art.”

foto_stabile We will remember these words when after many years we will look at that old and dirty pot, which still retain its charm and beauty. Respect the art value of the past will help us know and better understand the world to come.

Danilo Bruni - Chief Executive Officer di Antico Mestiere.

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