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Antico Mestiere Romania

In 2006 the Garden Service acquired the control of Magiva srl, a company that manufactures terracotta products founded by Italian members and operating in Romania.

We made the first acquisition of manufacturing assets in order to make the sales offer more exclusive and protected by the control. In opposite trend compared to the habits of the time, we decided to bring the production closer to the market ensuring fast deliveries thanks to the output, which for the 70 % increase the stock, with products always available to the market.

Subsequently, major investments aimed to improve the quality of the product, helped the Garden Service Anticomestiere srl to become the biggest earthenware factory of East Europe.


Quality control is guaranteed by our staff operating in Italy and the logistics, guaranteed by Anticomestiere’s network, favor the market distribution without requiring large volumes of product and mainly thanks to fast deliveries.

5 manufacturing lines, 6 automatic dryer and 2 intermittent kilns guarantee a production volume that can satisfy within a limited period of time every delivery.

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